Exterior detailing

Give your car a showroom shine

It is very easy for your car to get scratches and marks on its exterior due to the elements, bird droppings, and frequent driving. Regardless of the cause, Royal Detailing has the ideal solution for your vehicle!

We perform intensive cleaning and reconditioning to give your car a showroom shine. Our services cover every part of your car’s exterior.



Protect every surface from paint to leather and wheels to trim.


Single stage machine polish and protective coating application.


Multi-stage machine polish and protective coating application.

1 day

Car ceramic coating is not only another paint protection solution, it makes the car shine and provides a water-repellent also.

30 minutes

Our polish specialists can fix your car paint and bring back the shine to it and ensure that your car looks beautiful at all times.

1 hour

Lights are very important elements for driving at night. In addition, having a clear headlight is essential to have good light. Our professionals can restore the headlight protective coating to the factory condition and remove all the scratches and discolored.

5 days

Changing the color of your car or having a special finishing can be very attractive and eye-catchy, but if you don’t use the right material you might be ending having a peeled foil look or even cause serious damage to the original

3-4 days

Having a bad protection film can damage your car paint and results in a full repainting of the car. Our professionals will make sure to apply the best quality paint protection films in the market to ensure that your car is well protected against the harsh weather of the UAE.

Check with our specialists

Whether it’s a small dent or full body paint, our specialists can bring your car to the factory condition. Our sister company “Car Control” has the full setup and together we can fix any dent no matter how big or complicated.


For those chasing perfection, our most intensive deep clean, decontamination, 4-5 stage paint correction and 2 stage "jeweling" process for that ultimate finish.

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