Interior detailing

Give your car a factory-fresh interior

Are dust or odours in your car making you uncomfortable? We spend an average of 9 hours in our car every week, so keeping our car interior clean and fresh is essential.

We handle every part of your car with a specific method and product, so you can be confident that your car is being properly cared for.



Protect every surface from paint to leather and wheels to trim.


Single stage machine polish and protective coating application.


Multi-stage machine polish and protective coating application.

1/2 day

Our leather restoration specialist can bring your car interior damaged parts to its original factory condition. In addition, He has the experience to restore any part from a single button to the whole seats and dashboard. Also, we offer a full customized leather replacement service.

Proven Quality

At Royal Detailing, we take our work seriously. We make sure that your car is sanitized and ready to shine! our team is focused on making your vehicle look brand new and keeping it sanitized throughout the year!

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